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Johnson's Island

Homeowner's Responsibility to Repair Roads Affected by Construction

Fellow Property Owners,

On Johnsons Island we have privately owned and maintained roads.  The road commission is chartered with the responsibility for maintenance of all our roads and causeway and its actions are governed by charter. 

Every islander should be aware that when disturbing the roads for personal reasons, (Construction activities, running power, water or drain lines through the roadbed, etc) the property owner is financially responsible for restoring the road to proper condition.  This is not a policy we enacted as the road commission, but a mandate that is part of our operating charter.

The road commission has established standards for correcting these items and must be the sole responsible party for approving any remediation efforts on our roads.  Simply put, when a property owner disturbs the road they are financially responsible for restoring it to standards approved and coordinated by the road commission.   

We hope all islanders recognize the importance of coordinating our efforts to keep our roads in the best possible conditions.  Please contact one of your representatives should you have any questions prior to commencing construction or any road disturbing activity.

The Johnson Island Road Commission

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