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Road Commission Operating Agreement

The JIRC Operating Agreement was a means of settling many long disputed issues on Johnsons Island.  It gave every islander a voice, through representation on the commission, and legal obligation to fund the purposes intended and described within the agreement.  The judgment entry by the court which contains the agreement and disposition of other related issues is provided in these 2 PDFs:

Part 1 | Part 2

Manifold Ruling and Appeal

This governs the activities of the Road Commission regarding maintenance and construction on Gaydos drive up to and including the Toll Gate and park area.  In summary, the Road Commission must receive permission to perform any maintenance or construction on this portion of Gaydos from the majority of lot owners of the Cold Harbor Subdivision.


This was the last chapter in a long running dispute regarding the operation of the toll booth and collection of fees from the Baycliffs developer and owners.  The court upheld certain easements granting BHOA the right of toll-free access for their property on JI for their homeowners, guests and invitees.  The court included in this ruling the language stating that “all property owners on JI” had an obligation to fund their proportionate share of the road related costs for the Causeway, Gaydos, Memorial and Confederate Drive.  This ruling was the triggering point (we believe by the court’s intent) to get all groups on the island together to “fix” the situation regarding this long running, many-faceted dispute.

Metzker Settlement Agreement

Within JIPOA there have been disputes between and among certain residents of Bay Haven and Shiloh subdivisions and JIPOA regarding the nature and amount of contributions required to be paid by these residents to JIPOA.  The court granted a number of these residents the legal status of “Non Member” though court action and ultimately a settlement agreement.  This agreement dictates contribution levels and obligations to pay and is included here for understanding of its inclusion in the JIRC Operating Agreement by reference.

Metzker Interveners in RC Agreement

During the settlement discussions between BHOA and JIPOA after the ruling was made in BHOA VS JIPOA (above) a sub-group of the Metzker settlement group (commonly referred to as “the interveners”) intervened in the process and gained standing for the “non members” on the road commission.

Friends and Descendants

A large portion of the inland lands of JI were purchased by this group.  They have an annual dues obligation to the Road Commission, which amended a prior agreement with JIPOA and BHOA.  The amended agreement is referenced here.

Johnsons Island Investment Group 

In 2006 a group of islanders purchased through sheriffs sale the interests of Baycliffs Corporation (The developer) on Johnson’s Island.  This included a wide variety of fallow land on the interior of the island as well as the unbuilt portions of Baycliffs (the quarry area development).  As it relates to the Operating Agreement, this included all Island roads, the submerged land lease the causeway sits on and the causeway improvements.  This group is party to the Road Commission and its agreement is contained within the Road Commission Operating Agreement.

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