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2013 Bridge Inspection

In the fall of 2013 Richland Engineering performed another study on our causeway bridges.  There are a number of recommendations which will be incorporated into our 2014 capital spending plan.   The full report and attachments are below.

2013 Richland Bridge Inspection Report

Bridge 1 (South) Inspection

Bridge 2 (Mid-South) Inspection

Bridge 3 (High-Main) Inspection

Bridge 4 (Mid-North) Inspection

Bridge 5 (North) Inspection

Other Documents

Membrane Recommended Methodology

ODOT Guardrail Spec

In 2007 Richland did an engineering study on our causeway.  The detailed and summary results are in the following links.  The essence of the report is that we have many years of life left in our bridges … if they are properly maintained.  In the summer of 2010 we will complete the suggested remediation steps from this study and address any deficiencies in the rip-wrap around our bridge piers.

Inspection and BR 86 Forms

Summary of Report

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