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2010 Planned Road Reconstruction – Phase 1 of 10

2011 Planned Road Reconstruction – Phase 2 of 10

2 3 4 5 6 8 9 Map of Johnson's Island

Depicted above are the planned road segment reconstruction efforts in sequence.  Barring unforeseen needs in other areas of our roads and causeway, 1 = 2010, 2=2011 etc.  Although we anticipate with good maintenance our good roads lasting another 10 years without resurfacing, it is not unrealistic to expect a resurfacing effort on portions of the roads not scheduled for reconstruction within the 10 year time frame depicted above.  Although reserves are created each year for these efforts to be utilized when the cost of preventative maintenance vs. resurfacing dictates, accelerated decay of our good roads may delay reconstruction efforts.  The financial planning and overview of the approach used are contained in the following 2 links.

Long-Term Plan

Description of Long-Term Plan Approach

Drainage Needs

Part of reconstructing roads is to ensure that they have proper drainage.  The attached link identifies where in each planned stage of road reconstruction drainage or drainage rights are needed.  Additional detailed information is available in the Drainage Plan section of this site.

JI Construction phases drainage requirements <link>

Engineering Guidance for Road Construction and Maintenance

The following 6 PDF files contain the entire engineering guidance report presented to the JIRC members on May 7, 2009 by Michael Benza & Associates.  We have accepted the report in its entirety and with our gratitude for a job well done.  We are basing our current budget in 2009 partially on the long term recommendations for budgeting and actions to serve all island roads contained in this document.  We encourage all islanders to read the report and contact your representatives should you have any questions.  It is the intent of the commission to reach out to all islanders to reach consensus on funding a long term plan which serves the diverse needs of our roads. (There are 4 options presented in the report.)

Part 1 - Body of Report

Part 2 - Detail Pavement Ratings and Budget Scenarios

Part 3 - Example Amortization Schedule and Summary Sheet of Typical Conditions and Actions for Repair

Part 4 - Pictures of our Road Conditions

Part 5 - More Pictures of our Road Conditions

Part 6 - Even More Pictures of our Road Conditions

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