Johnson's Island Road Commission

The following links lead to detailed sections of this site regarding our intended road and drainage plans.  In addition to the engineering studies and budgets, there are detailed maps in each section with once clicked upon allow you to zoom in to a fine level of detail.

Road Construction Plan | Drainage Plan | Causeway

The Johnson's Island Road Commission was formed to maintain and enhance the roads and causeway for our entire island community. It is comprised of 7 members representing the 4 Constituent Groups (JIPOA, BHOA, JIIG and the Non-Members) in the Operating Agreement.  The agreement and various other settlement agreements and court rulings leading up to creating the Operating Agreement are contained in the following link:

Operating Agreement and Other References

The Road commission has 4 quarterly meetings which are open for all island property owners to attend. The minutes to past meetings and schedule of future meetings can be found in the links below.

Commission Meeting Minutes - 2020 Quarterly Public Meeting Dates


9:00 AM, Saturday, February 8, 2020

Independent Living Activites Room

Otterbein Retirement Living Communities

North Shore

9400 North Shore Blvd

Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440

CLICKABLE ROAD MAP | Administrative Information

Homeowner's Responsibility to Repair Roads Affected by Construction

Policy Regarding Opening the Gate for Functions

Causeway Salting Policy

Oversight Documents

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